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hey, it's ariana.
i don't know if we met that night or what, but i didn't realize you were recording. it's nice though, what you have here, and i should be a big enough woman to transcend my outraged vanity. i was pretty cracked out that day; had just got off the plane from texas. ennywho, i wanted to ask if you'd please cut out the reading from TELEPHONE, which is the first section of the reading-- i totally ruined a monologue that should be seen and heard in the right context, and that's definitely something i would not have read if i'd been thinking about it living online in perpetuity. i don't mind living with how hard i suck where the other two poems are concerned, but since that snippet from miss st comes from a piece of theatre, it seems to me a shame for her to be destroyed by me in online audio forever.


ariana dot reines at gee male

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