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alex potts

in my english class we read bhanu kapil's short story "three voices"
so my teacher asked us e-mail sobody and find out what the story is about.

Austin Jackson

hi.Im Austin Jackson and I am enrolled in an AP English class and we read Bhanu Kapil's short story "Three Voices". We discussed the story yesterday in class but everyone has differing opinions about it. Our English teacher has asked us too get proof of what the author meant by the story. I would really appreciate it if someone could give Bhanu Kapil my e-mail so she could contact me. Thank You!!!

austin jackson

Please respond!!!


Dear Alex and Austin,

My story was not a story; it was a non-fiction account of a winter afternoon in New York in my mid-twenties. As I recall, I was suffering from vertigo. Was I married? At various times, I was. Snow. Ice. Catalpa pods outside the window. As it is, I am now 41 and have lost my heart, time and time again, though now it is back in my body. Not wrapped in a T-shirt in the snow. And the story no longer functions as non-fiction, but as a beautiful story I once wrote about a winter afternoon early in first marriage, which was not a marriage at all. I'd like to add that to assume the author recollects their originating logic is a notion you should disabuse yourself of at once. What is AP? If they haven't told you that yet in this AP, then I am telling you now. The author is not, generally, the person you should ask about their work. What are they going to say? They are going to tell you another thing that doesn't function as sibilance. What's sibilance? That's a better question. Yours, Bhanu, the terrible and vile authoress.

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